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Corporate Lunch and Learns

Pain Management Irvine CA OC Back & Body Doctors lunch eventFREE Health & Wellness Talks for Your Employees Provided by Our Doctors At Your Work.

It can’t be state it any simpler. That’s right, we are giving away Health & Wellness Talks by local wellness doctors to your employees at your office for FREE! (See List of Topics Below)

So, what’s the catch? None. While most employers still understand the importance of an employee wellness program, we’ve found that for most in this economy there just isn’t a budget for it.

To solve this problem we have created a series of FREE Health & Wellness Talks for local employers as part of our community service outreach program. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for this program. We simply offer great wellness content delivered by our doctors to your employees. Help them better deal with the stress of this economy, get healthier and be more productive today. In the past, employers have paid as much as $250 for each of these 45 minute talks. Now you can bring these same high quality lectures to your company absolutely free.

Health & Wellness Topics

The 100 Year Lifestyle

This talk is designed to provide your employees with breakthrough solutions for living their best life, every day of their lives. It provides your employees practical tools needed to make the changes they know they need to make for a healthy 100 Year Lifestyle.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Myths & Solutions

We examine the myths, realities, causes and solutions of carpal tunnel syndrome and other peripheral nerve entrapment type problems in this talk. It provides practical solutions to avoid repetitive trauma injuries both at work and at home. We also discuss new and highly effective non-surgical solutions to this very costly problem.

Cleansing & Detoxification of Your Body for Optimum Health

The health benefits of keeping the outside of your body clean is well accepted in our society but the concept of cleansing the inside of your body is not well understood. This talk goes through the real health benefits, pitfalls and how and why cleansing should be a part of your overall wellness strategy.

Elevating Your Body’s pH for the Health of It!

Your body is comprised of over 75 Trillion cells working in unison to keep you healthy. One of the simplest, most effective ways to measure the overall health of your system is to monitor the collective pH of the cells. Find out why your pH (your acid/alkaline ratio) is a critical piece of your health and wellness puzzle and simple methods to keep it up.

Healing and the Life Saving Power of Wellness

This talk is designed to help shift your employee’s health care paradigm from that of an acute crisis care model to one of self responsibility with an emphasis on prevention and optimizing their passion in life through the life saving power of wellness.

Creating Wellness In A High Stress World

Stress is all around us and it is impossible to avoid it. Find out what are the good and bad stresses, how your body responds to stress, and through the mind-body connection, what is your genetic potential? Despite the stress you experience every day, this talk is geared towards creating an action plan to boost your body’s ability to deal effectively with stress while creating wellness for a better quality of life.

Physical Fitness

Pain Management Irvine CA OC Back & Body Doctors lunch learnThis seminar examines how the importance of being fit is to your overall health and well being. Chances are everyone will one day suffer some kind of life threatening event in their lives, (a car accident, a heart attack, stroke, etc.), the physical equivalent of running a marathon, but this one you are running FOR YOUR LIFE! The single biggest determining factor in your survival is your overall level of lifestyle fitness. Ask yourself the question, would you rather run this marathon totally cold or having trained for it over your life time?


This talk examines how what you ingest into your body and what you put onto your body has a profound impact on your health and ability to handle stress in your life. It gives you sound tips on how to improve your overall biochemical health by eating healthy, live, organic foods and drinking clean water.

New Formula for Anti-Aging

This talk takes a look at the latest discoveries in wellness and anti-aging and how they can help you look and feel years younger today. You will learn the recently unlocked secret to why and how our body’s age and what you can do to hold on to your youth.

Reaching Your Ideal Weight Now and Forever!

Obesity is the number one preventable health problem in this country because it affects the majority of our population (over two thirds of our population are either over weight or obese). This informative talk offers tons of easy to implement health tips and methods to help someone reach their healthy desired weight through developing healthy eating habits.

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Pain Management Irvine CA OC Back & Body Doctors
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