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Corporate Testimonials For Employee Pamper Events

OC Back & Body Doctor’s came into our office for Administrative Professional’s Day and the experience was wonderful! Feedback from the staff participants was nothing but positive. Not only were they able to take a break and relax, but learn more about their physical health! What a fantastic way to show your staff how much they are appreciated through and through! Thank you OC Back & Body Doctor’s for a great experience!
- Jazette Smillie
Client Service Associate
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Newport Beach, CA 92660

I enjoyed the massage thank-you! They were very professional and knowledgeable in their field! Yes, I would recommend them to somebody else. The part I like the most is that they were not pushy as far as bringing you into their office, but it was explained to me the improvements I could have on my condition if I start the treatment.

- Terri O.

I enjoyed the massage immensely and would love it if this could happen 2-3 times a year. It does make for happy customer service reps, therefore, better service and productivity. I know we have medical that will cover this, but it would be a nice gesture considering the on-going stress we all go through during our daily living. The people were really nice and friendly and I hope they stay that way. It makes for a pleasant atmosphere.

- Tina G.

I really enjoyed the treatments. I have believed for years that this is something that would keep so many of us from catching every germ that goes through here. I felt energized after the treatment. Wish we could have something like this available all the time, even if we paid for it ourselves. Bet you I’m not alone in thinking this would be a good thing.

- Mary Lou H.

I would like to see OC Back & Body Doctors come into the office 1-2 times per month. This would be a good way to cut down on stress.

- Deborah M.

Please let them (OC Back & Body Doctors) know that I thoroughly enjoyed my massage – and appreciated them coming into the office.

- Sandy P.

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"I am most impressed with the variety of efforts that have been made to aid me in the recovery process. I would highly encourage others to spend some time with OC Back & Body Doctors to improve your quality of life!"

- Brendan P. Donohue

"After having gone to Dr. Edlund D.C. on a regular basis for the past year, not only has my neck curvature become more normal, but I don’t notice any pain when I stand or sit for long periods of time!... I have Dr. Edund's staff to thank. Thank-you!"

- Cynthia Nei

"After six weeks I was getting back to feeling 80% better. I strongly recommend this facility to anyone grappling with problems of this nature. Thank you Dr. Desirée and staff!"

- Janice Mastrangelo