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Dr. Desirée and Rene

koci radio spot doctor desiree

The Wellness Show on KOCI

Dr. Desirée and René host The Wellness Show every Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. Their focus is your overall health, the most reliable health discoveries and advancements in the ever-evolving world of medicine, the latest trends and breakthroughs in becoming pain free. When it comes to health, we are way ahead of the curve. The future of wellness is here!

the wellness show on koci 101.5fm
the wellness show on koci 101.5fm
the wellness show on koci 101.5fm

"I am most impressed with the variety of efforts that have been made to aid me in the recovery process. I would highly encourage others to spend some time with OC Back & Body Doctors to improve your quality of life!"

- Brendan P. Donohue

"After having gone to Dr. Edlund D.C. on a regular basis for the past year, not only has my neck curvature become more normal, but I don’t notice any pain when I stand or sit for long periods of time!... I have Dr. Edund's staff to thank. Thank-you!"

- Cynthia Nei

"After six weeks I was getting back to feeling 80% better. I strongly recommend this facility to anyone grappling with problems of this nature. Thank you Dr. Desirée and staff!"

- Janice Mastrangelo