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Chiropractor Desirée Edlund, D.C.
Founder of OC Back & Body Doctors

Chiropractor Irvine CA Desirée EdlundDr. Desirée Edlund received her Doctorate degree with Magna Cum Laude honors from Southern California University of Health Sciences.

During her first few years of practice, Dr. Edlund moved to Minnesota and helped develop one of the first medical/chiropractic clinics in Minnesota, a state known for its medical establishments. She has worked hand-in-hand with established and reputable medical doctors that specialize in pain management.

Dr. Edlund has been practicing for 15 years, and is the clinic director and founder of one of the fastest growing wellness clinics in Orange County, California. OC Back & Body Doctors is truly one of a kind. Dr. Edlund’s team of medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, nutritionists & massage therapists work together to help guide and coach patients to make healthier lifestyle choices and achieve a higher level of wellness.

Through her proven, multidisciplinary approach, Dr. Edlund has successfully treated thousands of people who had been diagnosed with many illnesses including arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, headaches, neck & back pain, carpal tunnel, allergies, acute injuries, chronic fatigue, obesity and TMJ (jaw problems). Her wellness facility offers an advanced physical medicine program as well as personal lifestyle guidance to allow your body to experience maximized living!

Dr. Edlund keeps up her education by attending numerous health and wellness conferences throughout the country. She prides herself on keeping up with the most recent technological advances in diagnostic and therapy equipment in addition to staying at the forefront of the latest health and wellness techniques.

She is happily fulfilling her purpose to help as many people as possible to obtain and maintain an optimum level of health and well being. She practices what she preaches by getting adjusted weekly. Adjustments and healthy lifestyle choices allow her to continue her busy schedule in addition to keeping her young and healthy!

An avid spokesperson for the healthcare community, Dr. Edlund has made many television appearances on news programs and talk shows. She is also a prominent lecturer, co-author of a best selling book, and writer for the international magazine “Chiropractic Wellness & Fitness”. Dr. Edlund is living her dream by educating, inspiring and guiding the world to participate in their own health and encouraging them to make better decisions for a healthier lifestyle. Her purpose is to enlighten humanity on natural approaches to health which is the foundation for America’s Wellness Revolution!

“The choices you make today will have a direct impact on the quality of your life tomorrow. Our multidiscipline approach is natural, safe and best of all…it works!!”

Dr. Ronald Kelly, D.C.
Director of Chiropractic for OC Back Doctors

Pain Management Irvine CA OC Back & Body Doctors Ronald KellyGrowing up in southern California, Dr. Kelly began his journey in corrective and wellness care while juggling, school, work, and playing baseball, as an undergraduate in college. It was during this time that a classmate shared with him their own pursuit to help others through chiropractic care. After further discussions he became intrigued, and knowing he wanted to be a part of others’ physical well being he began to explore this as a serious option.

Unsure whether to become a doctor or teacher in the health-related fields, he had the opportunity and privilege to shadow different chiropractors during his senior year in college. He soon began to see that these doctors were not only able to treat their patients’ pain and other symptoms, but also educate them and help them discover the source of their problems in order to correct them, and maintain their optimum wellness.

After graduating with a degree in Biology, he was accepted at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (Southern California University of Health Sciences), from where he graduated in 1996. He then had the good fortune to being mentored by doctors with decades of experience in corrective and wellness care. Under these doctors he was able to hone his skills in the art and science of chiropractic.

Furthering his education he became a licensed qualified medical examiner. He broadened his area of practice to industrial injuries, personal injury, sports-related injuries, as well as specializing in non-surgical decompression. He also had the privilege to become a part of a large multi-discipline practice, emphasizing integration of medicine and chiropractic.

After 20 years of practice, Dr. Kelly continues to not only move forward in his passion to treat others, but also how to educate them in discovering the source of their pain and symptoms, and how to take a pro-active approach in correcting and maintaining their optimum health through corrective, holistic care and wellness.

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Pain Management Irvine CA OC Back & Body Doctors
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"I am most impressed with the variety of efforts that have been made to aid me in the recovery process. I would highly encourage others to spend some time with OC Back & Body Doctors to improve your quality of life!"

- Brendan P. Donohue

"After having gone to Dr. Edlund D.C. on a regular basis for the past year, not only has my neck curvature become more normal, but I don’t notice any pain when I stand or sit for long periods of time!... I have Dr. Edund's staff to thank. Thank-you!"

- Cynthia Nei

"After six weeks I was getting back to feeling 80% better. I strongly recommend this facility to anyone grappling with problems of this nature. Thank you Dr. Desirée and staff!"

- Janice Mastrangelo